Student Dress Code

Children should attend school in appropriate apparel, clean, healthy and ready to learn.  The following are identified as appropriate apparel by the Walton County School Board and approved for school: (reference the WCSD Code of Conduct)

  • Pants, jeans, long slacks or capris

  • Shorts, skirts and dresses that are at the knee

  • Leggings, spandex, or tights are not permitted unless worn with an outer garment that complies with dress code requirements and is at the knee

  • Shirts that cover the midriff, but no spaghetti straps, halters or backless shirts allowed

  • ALL visible garments including layered garments must be in accordance with the dress code

  • Shoes will be worn at all times. No heels or platform shoes greater than one inch

  • Tennis shoes are required for PE

  • Sunglasses, hats, and other sun-protective wear will be allowed to be worn outside only

Students in violation of the dress code will be referred to the office where they will be given an alternative item of clothing to wear, or parents will be called to bring appropriate clothing to the school.