Van R. Butler Military Family Support

Our Promise and Commitment

At Van R. Butler Elementary School, we stand ready to offer guidance and show our appreciation in a consultative role that supports current and future military-connected students and their families. With continued effort, our administration, teachers, and students respond to the many hardships associated with military-connected students and their school transitions. At Van R. Butler Elementary School, we empathize with the struggles of a family relocating to a new part of the country, or when a parent/guardian deploys for extended periods of time, leaving their family with another situational transition. These experiences are hard, and we understand. With the collaboration of our families and community, we set forth the mission to inspire our students in Becoming Empowered, Adventurous, Resilient Scholars.

We are the Van R. Butler BEARS!

Military Family Reference Guide

VRB Military Point of Contact

Our school’s primary point of contact for military families located on campus.

Brittany Wyatt

Instructional Coach

850-622-5040, ext. 2263

Mental Health Services Contact

Provides social, emotional, and mental health support at the school.

Andria Delgado

Guidance Counselor

850-622-5040, ext. 2212

Team Eglin School Liaison Officer (SLO) and Professional Development

Our comprehensive list of military family resources is available via the Team Eglin School Liaison Officer webpage. The professional development provided to our faculty and staff is focused on the multitude of ways our teachers, students and other staff members can best support a military student and to be mindful of the challenges and hardships associated with military life.

Margaret Rivera

Team Eglin School Liaison Officer

850-883-3545, (DSN)875-3545

Enrollment Capacity

VRB reserves at least 5% of controlled open enrollment seats, as defined in Section 1002.31, F.S., for military students. For any questions regarding enrollment, please contact our Data Control Specialist.

Mindy Higley

Data Control Specialist/Registrar

850-622-5040, ext. 2203

Student Led Transition Program

At Van R. Butler, we offer a student-led transition program to assist military students coming into the school. The program includes a student serving a military peer-support system linking new military students with others at the school within 2 weeks of arrival; and a process for familiarizing new students with the school campus, including student leaders and upcoming events. Our student led transition program encompasses our Council of Houses, similar to a student council; as well as the Ron Clark Academy inspired school-wide house sorting system. The Council of Houses is comprised of 24 students, selected from both 4th and 5th grade. Two students are associated with each of the 6 houses. Students from the Council of Houses support and welcome new military-connected students as they transition into VRB. For many of these new students, a student from the Council of Houses may be their very first peer contact and connection. These student members are an exemplary representative of Van R. Butler Elementary School and exhibit outstanding behavior, respect, and compassion.

Additional Resources for Military Families

VRB Veterans Day Celebration

Join us, the Council of Houses, and Van R. Butler Elementary, on Wednesday, November 8th, in honoring the service of our Veterans and heroes. We extend our invitation to you and any of your military relatives to join us for a special recognition event. Our Council of Houses and Orff Ensemble will lead the Veterans Day program in their honor.