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Do you need to do some Christmas shopping without the kids or just want a date night out?  December 2nd we are offering Parents Night Out.  Drop the kids off at 6 PM and pick them up at 9:PM. We are offering movies, crafts, games and snacks.  You must sign them in at the front entrance and pick them up in the primary car line at the front of the school.

Use the QR code to register or click here.

Parents are invited to join us as we sort the 3rd graders into their houses on Friday, September 30th beginning at 8:35 AM.  Come and cheer them on as they are sorted!!

Please bring an ID and check in through the front of the school.

Hope you see you there!

4th grade house sorting is Friday, September 16th beginning at 8:35 AM.  Parents are invited to come cheer students on as they are sorted into their House Family. 

Remember to bring your ID and check in through the front office.  Hope to see you there!


FOCUS-Parent Portal has a feature that allows you to upload parent or professional notes for your student’s absences from school.  By uploading the notes to your child’s account this can help eliminate the possibility of handwritten notes being lost or misplaced.  Please see the steps listed in the Attendance Update.  You can also find these instruction on our FOCUS-Parent Portal page here.

Anytime your child is out an excuse note should be provided within three days of their return to school per the Walton County Student Code of Conduct – Section 3.7 and the Van R. Butler Student Handbook, page 10.

5th Grade House Sorting

September 2, 2022

Welcome to Our House!!

We welcomed our 5th graders into their houses today.  They were randomly sorted into Altruismo, Amistad, Isibindi, Nukumori, Protos, or Reveur.  It was an exciting time for all.  We look forward to sorting the other grades soon. 


Bring all your excitement and cheer on your child!!

We are excited to welcome the parents of our 5th grade students to our first House Sorting event as students are welcomed into their House Family!!

Bring your ID and check in through the front office on the day of the event!!

OPEN HOUSE - September 14

August 30, 2022


Come one, come all to our Open House!

Wednesday, September 14 from 4 PM – 6 PM

Visit the classroom, tour the school, and attend the bookfair!

Hope to see you there!!

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