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Students eligible for free/reduced lunches are eligible for free/reduced breakfast.

Full Price $1.85
Reduced Price $0.30
Adult Breakfast Price $2.00


Free and reduced lunches are available for eligible students.  Applications available in the Front Office.  Meals may not be charged to lunchroom.

Full Price (PreK - 4th) $2.60
Reduced Price $0.40
Adult Price $4.00
Extra Milk $0.50

NOTE:  We do not microwave student lunches due to safety regulations.  Carbonated beverages are not allowed.

Free and reduced lunches

If your child received free or reduced meals last school year, and they were attending a Walton County School District school, they will continue to receive free or reduced meals for 10 school days. You must still submit a form for this school year.

If your child was in another system, you will need to provide either a lunch or lunch money for a full-price meal until you receive an approval letter. These will be sent home with your student through their communication folder. 

Information regarding free and reduced meals is available here.

Lunch Menu


Please follow this link to see our current menu:

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