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Mrs. Amanda McKee's kindergarten class of West Defuniak Elementary had a blast figuring out which of Santa's Christmas cookies would float the longest. In this science experiment students tested to see if sugar cookies, gingerbread cookies, or marshmallow cookies would float the longest. We discovered that marshmallow cookies float the longest because of their chocolate coating that keeps the cookie from absorbing the milk. Submitted by Jessica Dawkins.

Students in Mrs. Amanda Callahan’s third grade class at WDE recently determined the volume of irregular objects using the displacement method. They also learned the correct units to write their answers and recorded their results. Submitted by Jessica Dawkins

See Something, Say Something!

November 28, 2018

SEE something, SAY something

Anonymously report any threatening behavior that endangers you, your friends, your family, your campus, or your community through the Emerald Coast Crime Stoppers Hotline or the FortifyFL App .

Call 850-863-TIPS(8477) or visit www.EmeraldCoastCrime

Link to download the FortifyFL App

Students can also report suspicious activity to the Walton County School District Safe School department e-mail [email protected] 

Submitted by Charlie Morse.

Mrs. Angela Fuentes's class participated in a Socratic seminar as they discussed their answers to an English Language Arts selection test. Students needed to prove why their responses were correct using text evidence. Then, students had to agree on their selected answer together as a group. Students were able to receive immediate feedback on their class score and go back to any questions that were incorrect. 

Mrs. Hurley's Kindergarten class at West DeFuniak Elementary enjoyed a visit from Superintendent Hughes.  Students were studying about Squanto, the Native American, who helped the Pilgrims after they first arrived in North America.  Students used graphic organizers to write and draw about the ways that Squanto helped the Pilgrims find food their first winter. Submitted by Darlene Paul.

Hughes visits WDE K

Freeport High School’s National Honor Society held its annual induction ceremony November 12 and welcomed new members. Congratulations!

Submitted by Patty Woodard

Students at Walton Academy recently experienced a PodCast with a student who is currently studying in Africa.

The student, Brittany Nobles, is the daughter of Serena Nobles, a teacher at the Walton Academy.

She has been attending Sacred Heart Catholic School in Dakar, Senegal, Africa and will return in June, 2019

Submitted by Charlotte Rodgers

Schools may be closed for the Thanksgiving break, but Superintendent A. Russell Hughes worked with many others this week to shoot video with the local non-profit Safe Water for Walton. The film will debut in early 2019. As they say… “Stay tuned!” The project is made possible by Gulf Power Company. Safe Water for Walton Gulf Power Company

Pictured with Superintendent Hughes is Carrie Chavers and Walt Hartley.