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Three MSE 5th graders start every day by writing and delivering the day’s menu, birthdays, weather, Pledge of Allegiance, and announcements.  And all this takes place before school starts at 7:50.  These highly responsible students are the 2019-2020 Morning Show Producers, and they are all business! Thank you to Henry, Ashley, and Alyssa, for starting everyone’s day off right at Maude Saunders!

Paxton Athletics invites everyone to come support the Cats Against Cancer basketball tournament sponsored by Cancer Freeze. All proceeds for this event will be donated to Cancer Freeze and allocated to the Shawn Martell Family. Shawn, whose wife Tiffany is a teacher at Paxton, has been diagnosed with a carcinoid tumor in his colon and will be having surgery soon. Shawn has been in service of our country for 20 years as a Combat Search and Rescue Helicopter maintainer. It is an honor for Paxton Athletics to partner with Cancer Freeze in their efforts to assist this wonderful family and great servant of our country. The schedule for the tournament can be seen here:

Cats Against Cancer Schedule

Walton High School is pleased to announce our Teacher of the Year, Gwen Parker, and our Educational Support Professional of the Year, Dan Chace.  We appreciate and congratulate these deserving members of the WHS team!

West DeFuniAk

December 11, 2019

West DeFuniak Elementary is proud to announce Mrs. Mandy Callahan as Teacher of the Year and Mrs. Dorothy Urban as Educational Support Person of the Year.
These ladies are invaluable members of the WDE family. A heartfelt congratulations to both.

Pictured (L to R) Darlene Paul - Principal, Mandy Callahan - Teacher of the Year, Dorothy Urban - Educational Support Person of the Year, Rodney Free - Assistant Principal

Congratulations to our District Office Teacher of the Year, Kristy Grey, and our Educational Support Professional of the Year, Susan Odom!!
Kristy serves as a Teacher on Special Assignment for Professional Development at the District Office Complex.
Susan Odom serves as an Instructional Support Specialist for the Curriculum and Instruction Department at the District Office.

Both of these EPIC professionals are invaluable to our district staff and help the daily projects of the Curriculum and Instruction Department move forward efficiently and effectively. They are greatly appreciated!

District Office TOY ad ESPOY 2019-20

District TOY 2019-20

Pictured L-R: Myca Chandler, Curriculum and Instruction Coordinator; District Office TOY, Kristy Grey

District ESPOY 2019-2020

Pictured L-R; District Office ESPOY, Susan Odom; Supervisor of Curriculum and Instruction, Crystal Appel

Congratulations to the Freeport Middle School 2019-2020 Teacher and ESP of the Year!

The Teacher of the Year is Intensive Reading Teacher, Mrs. Robin Walden.

The ESP of the Year is Office Secretary, Mrs. Tabatha Bilbruck.

Thank you both for all of your hard work and dedication to the students, staff, and parents of Freeport Middle School. FMS wouldn't be the same without you!

FMS TOY 2019-20

L-R: Principal John Olson TOY Mrs. Robin Walden; Assistant Principal Sharie Smith

FMS ESPOY 2019-20

L-R;  Principal John Olson; ESPOY Tabatha Bilbruck; Assistant Principal Sharie Smith

FES Announces TOY and ESPOY!

December 9, 2019

Freeport Elementary proudly presents our teacher of the year, Mr. Benjamin Watson and our educational support professional of the year, Mr. Jeffrey Powell. These men are an incredible addition to our Freeport family. They go above and beyond to serve our students and are amazing team members.

Bay School is very proud to introduce their Teacher Of The Year, Sara Beth Thigpen(Pre-K Teacher), and their ESP of the year, Kelly Woodworth (Bookkeeper/MIS).
Congratulations and keep up the great job!