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Incoming South Walton High School 9th grader Jackson Weatherall won 1st place in the Drive, Chip, and Putt Championship in Mobile, Alabama at the Robert Trent Jones Magnolia Grove Golf Course on July 25, 2015. He advances to TPC Louisiana on Aug. 4th for the sub regional.

WCSD is excited to offer a new after school program beginning August 2015.  The   program is FREE and will be highly engaging, hands-on and project based. The program will welcome guest presenters from our many community partners, and students will problem-solve community based issues. CSI: Warriors is available to select 6th, 7th and 8th grade students from Walton Middle School and will meet after school on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays from 3p.m.-6p.m., Aug. 17 –May19th. Transportation will be provided with limited drop-off points. 


For more information or if your child is interested, please contact:

Mr. Jason Campbell, Principal WMS or Mr. Scott Hulion, Assistant Principal WMS @ 892-1280.


Commissioner of Education Pam Stewart recently recognized 147 graduates of the Commissioner’s Leadership Academy. Two of the graduates were from the Walton County School District:  Walton High School Principal Mr. Russell Hughes and Coordinator of Mathematics and Data Support Mr. Nathan Smith.  The Leadership Academy consists of a year-long rigorous professional development program for Florida principals, principal supervisors and education leaders. The job-embedded and research-based program includes five school site “learning walks” with a regional cohort to practice instructional leadership skills, focusing on increased knowledge and skills to improve teacher effectiveness and student achievement. Congratulations to Mr. Hughes and Mr. Smith for representing Walton County in a professional manner and successfully completing the program!

Pictured L to R: WHS Principal Russell Hughes, Commissioner of Education Pam Stewart, and Coordinator of Mathematics and Data Support Nathan Smith


Butler Elementary School

Supply List    2015 – 2016


Kindergarten-   **Please do not label supplies with your child’s name** 2 packs Ticonderoga #2 pencils, 2 Primary Ruled Writing Journals, , 5 boxes of Crayola Crayons – 24 count (no Rose Art please), 1 package of Crayola Markers, 10 glue sticks (small), 1 multipack of Pink Pearl Erasers, 1 pack of fine tip dry erase markers, 1 pair of Fiskars Scissors, 1 set of watercolor paints, 1 package of multicolor construction paper, 1 ream of copy paper, 3 three-pronged folders, 1 set of “over the head” headphones in a zip lock bag with child’s name on it.  No ear buds please.  OPTIONAL AND APPRECIATED:  Tissues, Play-dough, Hand Sanitizer, Ziploc Bags (all sizes), Colored Pencils, Cardstock, Paper Towels, Disinfectant Wipes/Spray, Paper Plates, Plastic Silverware


1st Grade**Please do not label supplies with your child’s name**  3 packs Ticonderoga #2 pencils, 4 Boxes 24 Count Crayola crayons, 1 pack Crayola markers, 2 6-packs Elmer glue sticks, 1 bottle Elmer liquid glue, 1 pair Fiskar solid colored scissors, 2 packs Pearl Pink Erasers ( rectangular pink erasers), 2 packs white copy paper, 2 “Primary Journals” (paper inside journal is divided in half : for an illustration and writing), 2 Black Marble Composition Books; wide-ruled, 1 pack white 4x6 index cards, 2 boxes Kleenex, 1 bottle Germ-x, 1 set of “over the head” headphones in a zip lock bag with child’s name on it.  No ear buds please.   OPTIONAL AND APPRECIATED:  Additional packs of white copy paper, Lysol Wipes, or disinfecting wipes


2nd Grade-     **Please do not label supplies with your child’s name** 4 packs Ticonderoga #2 pencils (pre-sharpened, 1 set of “over the head” headphones in a zip lock bag with child’s name on it.  No ear buds please.  1 pointed tip Fiskar scissors, 1 pack of cap erasers, 1 pack of pink Pearl erasers, 3 reams of copy paper, 2 black composition notebooks, 4 pocket folders with prongs (1blue, 1 red, 1 yellow, 1 green), 1 pack of assorted Crayola markers, 2 packs of Crayola crayons, 1 pack of thin dry erase markers, 1 pack of thick dry erase markers, 2 packs of 3X5 index cards, 1 pack of wide-ruled lined paper, 1 pack of highlighters, 2 jumbo glue sticks. OPTIONAL AND APPRECIATED:  hand sanitizer, sanitizing wipes, colored copy paper, Kleenex, paper towels, Ziploc sandwich, quart, & gallon bags, Post-It notes


3rd Grade-       **Please do not label supplies with your child’s name**  3 packs Ticonderoga #2  pencils, 2 packs of wide-ruled notebook paper, 1 of each color pronged folder:  red, yellow, blue, green, and purple, 1 pack of dry erase markers, 1 pink Pearl erasers, 3 composition notebooks, 1 pack of colored pencils, 1 pack of crayons, 1 pack of sticky notes, 2 full sized boxes of tissue, 2 reams of copy paper, and 1 set of  headphones or ear buds in a zip lock bag with child’s name on it OPTIONAL AND APPRECIATED:  Copy paper, Paper Towels, zip-lock bags, hand sanitizer, Disinfectant wipes



4th Grade-       **Please do not label supplies with your child’s name**  3 packs Ticonderoga #2 pencils, 1 small pencil box, 2 reams copy paper, 1 Yellow,1  green, 1 blue pocket folder with brads (unlabeled), 1 inch 3 ring binder (no Trapper Keepers), Pack of 8 plastic subject dividers with pockets, 1 Pkg. assorted markers, crayons, or colored pencils, 1 Pkg. glue sticks or white glue, 1 Pkg. of 4 dry erase markers, 1 Pkg. of 3X5 index cards, Box of Kleenex, Paper Towel Roll, Scissors, 2G Flash Drive, Pack of 3 Pink Pearl Erasers, 2 Spiral notebooks, 1 set of headphones or ear buds in a zip lock bag with child’s name on it.   OPTIONAL AND APPRECIATED: Liquid hand sanitizer, Sanitizing wipes, Teacher grading pens, Highlighters, Dry Erase liquid cleaner, Colored Copy Paper, iTunes gift card.



On Friday, May 1st, Walton County schools with a band and or a chorus were provided the opportunity to showcase their musical talents at the Full Score concert held at the Walton High School auditorium.  City Councilman Ron Kelley emceed the event. Performances ranged from solos and large groups to bands and ensembles. The schools involved were West DeFuniak Elementary, Maude Saunders Elementary, Freeport Elementary, Van R. Butler Elementary, Walton High School, Walton Middle School, Paxton High School, South Walton High School, and Freeport High School.  Congratulations to all the teachers and performers for an excellent evening of music.

Pictured L to R:  Harry Patzig (WHS), Rebecca Austin (Butler ES), Diara Morris (WHS), Gina Ealum (WDE), Renee Riggs (SWHS), Kamber Rafferty (WMS) Angela Saltsman (FES), Cathy Drake (MSE) Also participated but not in picture:  Ashley Goodman (Paxton), Mike Miller (FHS)

Mrs. Laurie Cook, the Digital Literacy teacher at Walton Middle School, is very excited to congratulate her 8th grade students who earned their GS4 industry certification.  To become certified in GS4, you must take and pass three different exams: Computing Fundamentals, Key Applications (Microsoft Word, Power Point, Excel, Access and Outlook) and Living Online. Mrs. Cook is also to be congratulated for her hard work in preparing the students for the certification exams.

Pictured L to R Back row Sakara Runge, Branna East, Celeste Truett, Hannah Machado, Christina Howell.

L to R Bottom row Nathan Moore, Jace Hughes, Criffon Murphy,Matthew Milby, Joshua Permenter, Bladen Ward

The WMS Literacy Team challenged students to read 25 books at or above their reading level. Those who accepted the challenge had to read 10 fiction, 10 non-fiction, and 5 books of their choice. In addition, students had to  take an “AR Test” and earn  a score of 80 percent or higher on each of the books.  Thirty-five students  met the challenge and qualified to attend the "Fling at the Spring" held at Ponce de Leon Springs on Thursday, May 21st. The attending adults were: (Faculty and Staff)  Ms. Baker, Ms. Deal, Ms. Jones, Mr. Hulion, Mr. Proffitt, Deputy Lloyd, (Parent Volunteers) Rebecca King, Amy Thacker, and Renee Heironimus.


Pictured: Students and Staff attending the Fling at the Springs