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Butler Elementary students are thrilled to have a beautiful new playground!  The school’s PTO recently completed the purchase of this exciting new equipment! Submitted by Tammy Smith.

VRB Playground

"Whirled" Peace Day at VRB

October 3, 2017

International Day of Peace was recently celebrated at Van R. Butler Elementary School. Students created handmade pinwheels in art class under the guidance of Art Teacher Constance Rogers, then planted them around campus to symbolize “Whirled Peace”. This is an annual event at the school that affords students a chance to discuss what peace means and how they can help contribute to a peaceful society. Submitted by Tammy Smith.

VRB Whirled Peace

VRB Whirled Peace

Congratulations to these WHS students who acquired industry certifications last year!  Over 200 students were treated to lunch and a party on September 29 at the Wee Care Park to reward this exceptional accomplishment.  Way to go, Braves! Submitted by Christy English.

The PHS Student Council will be sponsoring the annual Blood Drive on October 31, 2017  from 8:00 – 3:00 at Paxton School.  Community members are welcome to come to donate blood at Paxton School that day!  There is a great need for blood due to the recent hurricanes depleting the blood supply. Submitted by Kalli McMillan.

Every month, Superintendent A. Russell Hughes shares a video message with updates on the exciting things happening in the Walton County School District.  The October video was taped at Paxton School, and features Mrs. Cindy Neale with a little about the history of Paxton School.  Mr. Hughes shares important information about upcoming events during the month of October, 2017.

submitted by Keitha Bledsoe

WDE Donuts with Dads

September 29, 2017

West DeFuniak welcomed a huge number of dads on 9/27/17 for Donuts with Dads.  This year the dads visted the classrooms with their students and participated in activities such as reading an Accelerated Reader Book, working on Math problems on the computer, or even visiting the library with their child.   It was great to see so many dads! Submitted by Jessica Dawkins.

WDE Dounuts with dadsWDE Donuts with dads

WDE Donuts with dads

WDE Donuts with dads

WDE Donuts with dads