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The Scholastic Art & Writing Awards are the nation’s longest-running and most prestigious recognition program for creative teens in grades 7–12.

This year, students submitted more than 330,000 works of visual art and writing to the Scholastic Awards; more than 90,000 works were recognized at the regional level and celebrated in local exhibitions and ceremonies. The top art and writing at the regional level were moved onto the national stage, where more than 2,700 works earned National Medals. National Medalists and their educators will be celebrated at the National Ceremony at Carnegie Hall in New York City.


National Medalist art and writing is displayed during the annual Art.Write.Now. National Exhibition in New York City. Last year the exhibit was on display at the Sheila C. Johnson Design Center at Parsons School of Design at The New School and at Pratt Institute’s Pratt Manhattan Gallery. We also hold ongoing exhibitions at the U.S. Department of Education and the President’s Committee on the Arts and the Humanities through the Art.Write.Now.DC program. In addition, selections from the Art.Write.Now. National Exhibition are displayed in cities across the U.S. as part of the Art.Write.Now.Tour.

Here are the SWHS Southeast Region Awards for Scholastics:


Scholastics Art and Writing Awards 2018

South Walton HS

Teacher: V. Moreira Komando


  1. Jenna Adelman - Silver Key Art Portfolio Asian Pop Culture Foods South Walton High School
  2. Michelle Couvillon - Honorable Mention Photography My Eyes South Walton High School
  3. Summer Edwards - Honorable Mention Photography Geode South Walton High School
  4. Lexi Hall - Gold Key Photography Speed of light South Walton High School
  5. Lexi Hall - Silver Key Photography Shine South Walton High School
  6. Lexi Hall - Silver Key Photography Bug Out South Walton High School
  7. Meg Kirwan - Honorable Mention Drawing & Illustration The Storm South Walton High School
  8. Frida Licona - Honorable Mention Photography Light and Lines South Walton High School
  9. Sofia Papagni - Silver Key Painting Comfort #1 South Walton High School
  10. Jielle Paul - Honorable Mention Digital Art Fracture South Walton High School
  11. Jielle Paul - Gold Key Photography Drama South Walton High School
  12. Jielle Paul - Honorable Mention Photography Hawk Girl South Walton High School
  13. Jielle Paul - Honorable Mention Photography Youth South Walton High School
  14. Jielle Paul - Silver Key Photography Thor South Walton High School
  15. Kyzer Schilling - Honorable Mention Photography Car Tire Red South Walton High School
  16. Kyzer Schilling - Honorable Mention Photography Raw Engine South Walton High School
  17. Kyzer Schilling - Honorable Mention Photography Red Truck South Walton High School
  18. Jennings Seton - Silver Key Photography Bloom South Walton High School
  19. Slater Silk - Honorable Mention Art Portfolio Starry Starry Night South Walton High School
  20. Slater Silk - Honorable Mention Photography Outer Bulge South Walton High School
  21. Slater Silk - Honorable Mention Photography Dividing Line South Walton High School
  22. Slater Silk - Silver Key Photography Blue South Walton High School
  23. Slater Silk - Silver Key Photography Yellow South Walton High School
  24. My Huyen Truong - Honorable Mention Art Portfolio Self Portrait South Walton High School
  25. My Huyen Truong - Honorable Mention Drawing & Illustration My Red Yellow Hair South Walton High School
  26. My Huyen Truong - Honorable Mention Drawing & Illustration My Flower with Hair South Walton High School
  27. My Huyen Truong - Silver Key Drawing & Illustration My Deer Head South Walton High School


  1. Sofia Papagni - Silver Key Poetry Campfires, Caskets, Hurricanes South Walton High School

Congratulations to these creative young students and their exceptional artistic and literary talent!!!

Slater Scholastics

My Scholastics

Michelle Architectural Building

Lexie Hall Scholastics

Kyzer Scholastics

Jielle Paul - Dramatic Light

Jennings Scholastics

Frida Scholastics

Jenna Scholastics

Submitted by Vivian Komando

WDE first and second grades enjoyed a performance on January 31st by the Atlantic Coastal Theater. The Atlantic Coastal Theater is an acclaimed professional touring theatre company based in Orlando, FL. Each year, the Atlantic Coastal Theatre performs hundreds of shows for students across the U.S.A. WDE students enjoyed watching the show entitled FLIGHT! Mankind has always been fascinated with the skies, the stars, and reaching new heights.  FLIGHT! combines creative staging, original music, & audience participation into a theatrical production that explores the stories of flight including the Wright Brothers, Amelia Earhart, The US/Soviet "Space Race", & NASA's many accomplishments.  Students were encouraged to think about the future of flight, and perhaps be inspired to become pioneers reaching for the stars themselves. Submitted by Jessica Dawkins.

WDE Atlantic Coastal Theater

WDE Atlantic Coastal Theater

Teacher’s, Parents and students  enjoyed our WISE Center Pre-K  first annual Reading night.  Children were able to make books to take home and read with their family members.  We thank them for all their support. Submitted by Debbie McBroom.

WISE Reading

WDE students had a great time exploring games/activities on math and science night for K-2. Students were able to practice grade level skills through fun games and STEM projects. First grade students thought the STEM table was creative and engaging!

Submitted by Jessica Dawkins


On Friday, January 26, the Walton High School Chorus had the honor of performing before the parade to honor WWII Prisoner of War Ewart Sconiers’s return to Defuniak Springs. His remains had been missing for 73 years, and he was finally returned to DeFuniak Springs where he was laid to rest at Southwide Baptist Church. The community rallied with flags and patriotism, and Walton Singers alternated performing with the Bee Bops from West DeFuniak Elementary. It was an honor to be a part of this event and to get to pay respects for someone who gave his life for our country. Submitted by Christy English.

WHS Sconiers

FES families participated in a night of Reading and Math challenges designed to help them "escape" from grade level rooms. The engaging and fun learning activities provided parents an opportunity for family-school interaction. Almost 300 parents and children attended the event.  Submitted by Nancy Currie.

Paxton's Middle School STEM Club participated in a Lego competition Saturday, January 20.  Prior to the expo, students were challenged to devise ways to improve the use of water. They decided to focus on the people of Guatemala. Students developed a plan to deliver water to the community by creating a reservoir at high elevation on the mountain with pipes that run down two different points throughout the community. 

The day of the competition, students participated in three interviews, and presented a values poster where they were tasked with explaining how they worked as a team displaying professionalism, and what this project has meant to them. In addition, the group presented their robotics design and explained how they work together as a team to overcome challenges, as well as presented the robot they designed and explained how they problem solved to come up with the attachments they created.  Submitted by Kalli McMillan.

Mrs. McLaney's fourth grade class at WDE enjoyed being outside and reading today for Literacy Week. They all "found themselves in a book." Submitted by Jessica Dawkins.

WDE Read

WDE Read

Paxton High School Art club helped to design and create a jellyfish for the E.O.Wilson Biophilia center.  The jellyfish is part of their recycling center for plastic bags.  The jellyfish is made up of entirely plastic grocery bags and recycled magazines.  

Submitted by Corrine Wilson

Freeport Middle School art students were treated to a special day full of community art.  Their day began at the glass studio of Russ Gilbert.  Following the wonderful glass studio, they ate lunch with artist Bryan Hand as he discussed his artwork.  They spent their afternoon at 30A Artists at Gulf Place with Dwight!  This was a special time to learn and share the art of our Walton Community.

submitted by Kendra Peloquin