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Walton High's Class of 2020 celebrated their last 1st day at WHS with a parade and breakfast, and the entire class documented the day by forming an impressive "20" on the football field.

WHS Seniors 2020

ECMS Welcoming Team!

August 15, 2019

Mr. Drake and the ECMS office staff making students and families feel more than welcome as they return to Stingray Land! EPIC3 in motion!

Walton Middle School proudly promotes the AVID program, which stands for Advancement Via Individual Determination, across its campus--in all classes, each and every day.  The schoolwide readiness program helps students develop the skills they need to be successful in college and career.  Each WMS teacher also promotes WICOR Wednesday, which emphasizes growing students' writing, inquiry, collaboration, organization, and reading skills.  The first Wednesday of the school year, WMS teachers wasted no time introducing this philosophy and skillset to the Warrior tribe.


In Mrs. Tiffany Mills' sixth grade science class, students put their collaboration and inquiry skills to work, developing an idea to build the tallest spaghetti tower possible, one capable of holding a marshmallow on top, using only noodles, tape, and string.  Students had five minutes to strategize and ten minutes to build in this dynamic STEM activity that employed WICOR skills.


Just down the hall, Mr. Dennie Smith emphasized the importance of strong organization skills in his seventh grade reading class.  Students first quickly wrote about why it is important to stay organized, then collaborated with their peers, sharing their thoughts aloud.  Mr. Smith also helped students get their binders and supplies organized so their school year can start on the right foot.


Across campus, Mrs. Emily Kent introduced WICOR by engaging students in a desert survival activity that required them to read, write, collaborate, and think.  Students were presented with a mock plane crash scenario, in which they had to negotiate and prioritize which items that survived the wreckage were most crucial for survival.  Students worked with their teams to finalize their lists, using logic to defend their rationales.  Upon reaching a consensus, students compared their survival lists to expert recommendations.  The lesson involved a tremendous amount of critical thinking and teamwork and was engaging for all.


In another sixth grade classroom, Mrs. Gaby Brown's AVID students also ensured they were ready for a successful school year by organizing their binders and materials.  Mrs. Brown emphasized how organization is one of life's essential skills for success.  She assisted students as they listed assignments for her class on their binder logs and organized them accordingly.  She also ensured students' notebooks were set up appropriately for their other classes.  Undoubtedly, with Mrs. Brown's support, these AVID elective students are bound to have a great school year.


Mrs. Karley Leach recognizes that, like organization, goal setting is essential for success too.  She led a writing lesson in her seventh grade class that required students to reflect on three goals they set for themselves, elaborate on why they are important, and discuss how specifically they will work toward achieving them.  All pencils were moving in Mrs. Leach's room because her students were writing about a topic that was meaningful to them.


In sixth grade ELA, Mr. Brendon Murphy also introduced WICOR to his students with a creative writing assignment.  His students wrote a time capsule letter to their future eighth grade selves.  Mr. Murphy asked students to write about what it is like to live in 2019, what is popular these days, who their friends are, how they see their lives changing in middle school, etc.  Mr. Murphy promised his students he would give them their letters back at the end of eighth grade so they can look back and see how much they will have changed.  The lesson not only gave Mr. Murphy an opportunity to pre-assess students' writing but also served as a fun opportunity for students to reflect on their own identities and lives.


Teachers kicked the first WICOR Wednesday of the school year off with engaging lessons throughout the tribe that will undoubtedly help WMS Warriors create bright and successful futures.

Submitted by Kristen Nelson


WICOR Wednesday at WMS

WICOR Wednesday at WMS

WICOR Wednesday at WMS

WICOR Wednesday at WMS

WICOR Wednesday at WMS

WICOR Wednesday at WMS

WICOR Wednesday at WMS

Please join Superintendent Hughes and all WCSD Staff in our commitment to Student Attendance.  September is Attendance Awareness month and we will be providing you with important information on the topic of Attendance throughout the month of September.  We will provide information from the 2019 Attend Today, Achieve Tomorrow campaign from Attendance Works, which is a national organization that promotes good attendance.   For additional information from Attendance Works, please visit

WCSD wishes to share Magic Johnson’s thoughts that all professionals, especially professional athletes, have to have good attendance in school.  He says, “School is why I made it big time!  School is your best shot to a better life, better job, better money.”  

 "Don't drop the ball!  Pick it up, run hard...every student, every day!  Spread the Word!" 

When you earn your diploma it can take you many places, but if you are not attending school you will be less likely to finish high school.  So let’s make every effort to be in school every day!  For more information on how you may assist your child in building good attendance, please visit