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Thank You, Mr. Dawson!

October 19, 2022

After Tuesday night’s Workshop, Board Meeting, and Executive Session, Superintendent Hughes stopped to thank Mr. Howard Dawson, WHS graduate and former student of Superintendent Hughes for doing great work to keep SWHS hallways spotless, smelling good, and sanitized for students.  Mr. Jason Catalano and Mrs. Jeri Michie took time to take a selfie as well as thank Mr. Dawson on behalf of the entire Board.  EPIC5G is what we live for and appreciate every employee for making it happen!  Get On-Go On!!!!!

Planning, preparing, and positivity never stops at Bay School.  Students are gone but Mrs. Jones and teachers are meeting after school creating an EPIC environment for the Fall Festival.  Hear this, while the intent is to have fun, this team is effectively and educationally creating games that solidify, promote and give strategic Motor Skills practices that will enhance the lies of these young scholars; WOW!!!!!  Being #3 started in rooms like this all over the WCSD with Power Thinking for the growth of children.  A parent who knows the work our teachers do purchased lunches for all teachers at Bay for Thanksgiving!  We call it EPIC5G!!!!!  Get On-Go On!!!!!  #GRACE

This week, the students participating in Mrs. Robinson's Research/Forensics course were CPR-trained. Thank you to the St. Joe Community Foundation who generously donated the funds to allow students to take the CPR certification course and to be certified for two years! Check out Freeport Middle School’s Facebook page for more pictures.

It’s a Teacher Workday and students are out but EPIC NEVER stops or takes a break.  So, our students, teachers, and district staff are getting things ready for the Walton County Fair.  WMS FFA, as well as all WCSD Art Programs are showcasing their work.  Paxton is getting ready for their renown Hog Show.  Mr. and Mrs. Profitt stay in the mix facilitating the operation as students put in the work.  Superintendent Hughes stopped in to check on everything and everyone.  It’s hard maintaining what is to be EPIC but it’s what we do!  EPIC is the way and this is how the way is made EPIC!  Get On-Go On!!!!!

At the beginning of football season, Coach Dennie Smith asked his players to give him three things: great attitudes, toughness, and effort. The players quickly bought into the process and gave the coaching staff all three at every practice and during every game.

The team has also been exceptional in the way they have treated each other. Coach Smith commended them for being great teammates. He said, “They did not point fingers, but instead took ownership of their responsibilities and worked hard to improve.”

On Tuesday, October 4th, all the conditioning and character building came together one more time for the Warriors in the Panhandle Athletic Conference championship game. In another overwhelming victory, Walton conquered North Bay Haven 44-14, closing out their undefeated 7-0 season.

Coach Smith, his coaching staff, and our entire school could not be more proud of the Warriors for the incredible growth they showed this season, both on and off the field.

We are one tribe, on one mission, proving we are Warriors--in classrooms, on courts, and on fields—one victory at a time.

Way to Go Bears!

October 5, 2022

Ms. Bronwyn Cook from the American Heart Association presented Mr. Jimmy Ross, Principal of Van R. Bulter Elementary School, with a plaque in recognition of the money raised to support the Kids Heart Challenge. The students of Van R. Bulter Elementary School raised the most money in the Walton County School District during the 2021-2022 school year and ranked #6 in the state of Florida for public schools with donations totaling $32, 615.11. Way to go Bears!

WMS Celebrates Spirit Week

October 5, 2022

The Tribe was wearing Neon today at WMS celebrating Spirit Week coming off a Championship win for Football last night!  1 Tribe on 1 Mission was on full display by students, teachers, and staff!  Lunch was being served to Sixth Grade; they were happy to take a break from the Nine Weeks Exam closing out the 1st Nine Weeks of the 22-23 SY!  Go Warriors!

WCSD Monthly Video Update for October 2022

Walton County School District Superintendent A. Russell Hughes shares his monthly video update for October, 2022! In this month's update, Superintendent Hughes talks about Halloween safety tips, offers a challenge to anyone willing to help, emphasizes the importance of attendance, and highlights good news about your Walton County School District.

WMS has launched a committed mission “to be the highest performing middle school, both academically and socially, in Walton County.”

FAST progress monitoring data reveals that a substantial number of our students struggle to read at or above grade level. Knowing our reality, intensive reading teachers are determined to lift literacy for our tribe.

On Thursday, September 30th, Mr. Seth Mosley, Mrs. Amber Proffitt, Mrs. Emily Kent, and Mrs. Alex Parker worked closely with district literacy coach Mrs. Lynne Martin and WMS instructional coach Mrs. Kristen Nelson in a professional learning experience to examine data and finetune interventions for greater student outcomes.

This year, these teachers have worked extremely hard to grow their knowledge of the science of reading, seeking to improve students’ language comprehension and word recognition through powerful instruction.

We are one tribe, on one mission, rolling up our sleeves every day to lift literacy.



WDE 4th Grade Scientists

September 30, 2022

4th grade students have been learning about how humans and animals interact with the environment. To learn more about consumers, carnivores, food chains, and food webs, students were able to dissect owl pellets. The scientists had a great time learning more about an owl's diet!