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Walton County School District currently has an open K-2 Self-Contained ESE Teacher position at Maude Saunders Elementary School. Florida Educator Certification in ESE K-12 & Elementary Education K-6 or Pre-K Primary Age 3-Grade 3 is required. If you have any questions concerning the position, you may contact Cindy Neale, Principal, at 850-892-1261. Please click the following link to apply.

In September, the Kindergarten classes at West DeFuniak Elementary learned about the five senses. The students in Mrs. Davis' and Mrs. KcKee's classes loved examining, exploring, and of course tasting different varieties of apples! 

Students used all 5 of their senses to enjoy the apples but they especially enjoyed the tasting part of the experiment!

WDE Apple Chart

Apple Pic WDE

Mossy Head School students, families, and staff came together for an exciting night of dinner, classroom visits, and math! Families gathered for dinner. Then, students took their families to show off their classrooms and visit with their teachers. The whole school gathered back together for some math station fun. Mr. Greg Tang Jr. and Mr. Jared Saavedra targeted building students' knowledge of critical math strategies and skills, while also giving them a chance to practice those strategies and skills in fun and engaging ways. They encourage both parents and students to think about numbers in new and fun ways together. Submitted by Allie Blanton





Walton High Hosts Blood Drive

September 19, 2019

Walton High School hosted a blood drive on September 18, and it was a huge success!  There were 47 people that donated to this worthwhile cause.  We appreciate everyone's willingness to give... and help save lives.

Submitted by Christy English

Principal Tibbetts announced to the SWHS student body that Nadia Bock, Class of 2020, has been named a National Merit Scholarship Semifinalist.  Nadia is the daughter of Douglas and Denise Bock of Santa Rosa Beach.  Congratulations Nadia!


SWHS Natl Merit Sch

The Freeport Middle School art department studied Gyodan, the Japanese art of fake food. Gyodan artists called Shokunin, study for 7 years to become a professional. The students created Gyodan using clay, acrylic paint, and props. Do ours look real? Submitted by Kendra Estes

FMS Gyodan

FMS Gyodan

FMS Gyodan

Sophia Bock, Natalie Reid, Maddox Rhea and Amy Simms earned perfect scores on their Biology 1 EOC last year at SWHS.  Great job Seahawks!


For a project in Ms. McMillan's Digital Information Technology class, students were asked to follow the steps of development and marketing to create a product or service to be sold to the public. Students had no limits on what their product or service could be and were to work under the idea that they had unlimited resources. For his project, Blaise Cottle (9th grade), developed the 27th letter. He explained that the point of his letter (pronounced "ei-SSSS") was to replace the "es" and "ies" at the end of plural words. Blaise shared his creative idea with the rest of his class and the seniors in Mrs. Hall's AP Literature class, giving them examples of how the new letter works and providing them with a visual aide of what the letter looks like. We are proud of Blaise and his excellence in innovation.



Paxton Freshman Creates 27th Letter


Paxton Freshman Creates 27th letter