The Freeport High School Capstone Seminar students in Mrs. Bump's class presented their group presentations on Friday, January 25th.  As part of this program, students are required to present their group research and argument to an audience of community leaders and/or school district personnel.

We are so proud of these students! Great job!

Students researched and presented on the following topics this year:

Termination of Parental Rights
Mental Health Treatment in the Prison Setting
Media Bias
Nuclear Energy
Censorship of History 

Audience Members:

Superintendent, A. Russell Hughes
School Board Vice Chairperson, Marsha Winegarner
Principal, Tripp Hope
Teachers, Hillary Williams and Vanessa Bump
Coordinator of Instructional Support Services, Crystal Appel
WCSD Career Counselor, Michele Carter
Submitted by Crystal Appel