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Pre-K Igloo

March 20, 2017

Mrs. Palliser's Pre-K Class used milk jugs to create a reading nook. What an awesome way to resuse thos milk jugs! 
Winners from the Jump Rope For Heart got to "pie" Coach Nick, Deputy McCormick and Mr. Drake as their reward. The guys were very nice in taking the pies so that Mrs. Smtih and Mrs. Binkowski did not get any. Congratulations to everybody that got to "pie" somebody!
Congratulations to Mrs. Jones class that was able to silly string Mrs. Binkowski for raising the second most money for the coupon book sales! The top class was Ms. Yra's, and they were able to silly string Mrs. Smith. Mr. Drake received his silly string from Mrs. McDowell's class for being third in the sales. Congratulations to everybody!

Congratulations to the following students for winning the Sportsmanship Award for February!

3rd grade: Claire Sherwood and Justin Kelly

4th grade: Alissa Aucoin and Joshua Kokoska

VPK registration has been scheduled for the 2017-2018 school year! If you are interested in attending VPK at Butler next school year, please be sure to come on March 30 to register. We will have district office personnel on campus to help us register everybody from 9:00 - 1:00.

You will need the following items in order to register. Incomplete registrations will not be accepted, and spots cannot be guaranteed.

1) Certificate of Eligibility from Early Learning Coalition (visit

2) Birth Certificate 

3) Physical Done after 8/10/2016

4) Current Florida Cerrtificate of Immunization (This must be a Florida certificate. Please visit the Health Department in order to change it to Florida if you have an out of state certificate.)

5) Proof of Florida residency

6) Completed registration form (see attached)

7) Parent or guardian photo id

Science Night

March 3, 2017

Our students and parents had an awesome time at Science Night! Emerald Coast Science Center brought with them several science experiments for our teachers to show several science concepts. If you missed it, we have Literacy Night coming up in April. 

Receiving an office referral can be a good thing for students at Butler Elementary!  Positive office referrals were implemented this school year as a part of our Positive Behavior Support program.  School administrators reward referred children with a “brag tag”, and in some cases a song written just for them by Mr. Drake!

Summer VPK Registration

February 1, 2017

Please see the attached flyers for information regarding Summer VPK registration.