Kindergarten Registration will happen at VRB from 4/17 to 4/28. The times that you can come by to complete the paperwork is from 8:00 to 2:30. You will need the following documents to have a complete registration packet:

1) Registration form (even if your child is moving up from Pre-K at VRB)

2) Birth Certificate

3) Florida Immunizations

4) Florida school physical

5) Proof of residency (Please see the Controlled Open Enrollment page to see our zone. It runs from the west side of 393 to the Okaloosa county line. We are currently at capacity, which means we will not be able to accept any students outside the zone, unless they have a sibling that will be attending VRB next year.)

6) Parent id

7) Social Security Card (not a requirement, but if you can bring it we would appreciate it.)

If your child received special education services at another school (speech, OT, PT,etc.) please bring a copy of the IEP with you. This makes it much easier for us to place the students correctly.