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Donuts with Dad

September 19, 2018

Mrs. Amy's Pre-K class had a great time celebrating the letter D. They invited their dads for Donuts with Dad.

August Sportsmanship Winners

September 10, 2018

August Sportsmanship Winners

3rd grade Winners: Daniella Denton and Max Madden

4th grade Winners: Lindi Mansfield and Dane Friis

Students throughout Butler Elementary are involved in setting individual goals and tracking their own data. Here are two of Mrs. Barnhill’s second graders recording their math fact fluency!

Students in Mrs. Caudill’s third grade class at Butler Elementary are learning there is more to school than just the 3 R’s!  They are discussing what it means to respect others and create a positive classroom culture!

Every month, Mr. A. Russell Hughes, Walton County, Florida Superintendent of Schools, will share a video message with an update on the exciting things happening in the Walton County School District, Walton County, Florida. Check back often to stay informed on all the activities, events and accomplishments of teachers and students in the Walton County School District. 

This month's video features Superintendent Hughes sharing his excitement about the upcoming school year at the WCSD EPIC Empowerment Leadership Training Day on August 3, 2018.